02 January, 2010

Unblock Security Websites which are Blocked by Viruses/Worms
Have you ever been unable to get access to security websites?. This is one of the symptoms that your Computer is virus infected. You can't access to browse Security sits like McAfee, Symantec, Microsoft etc and you can't update your Security Software. So how can you get access to those Websites to remove computer viruses. Here is a simple solution, just follow the instructions:

  1. Go to Run from Start Menu (or Press Windows Key + R )
  2. Type CMD to open Command Prompt.
  3. Now type NET STOP DNSCACHE and press ENTER button. If you type correctly and command work correctly, you will see " The DNS Client Service was stopped successfully". If you don't see any line like this then try this command accessing your computer as an Administrator

    Type the command as the word in the red circle box

  4. This command stop your DNS client services. Most viruses or worms use DNS Client Services  to block security websites to update your Security System software.
  5. Now you can update your Antivirus Software accession Security Sites and remove threads from your Computer.
  6. To start 'DNS Client Service' again you have to type NET START DNSCACHE in the command prompt and then press ENTER. Start this services after virus removal.

  7. Type the command as you see in the red circle box

Hope this tips help you and your Computer will be protected from threads. If you like then leave your comments below.

This article is provided by:
Mohammad Al-Amin 'Nirob'
E-mail: alamin.nirob@gmail.com
*Full credits of this article goes to him
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